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Decadent Breakfast

Using locally grown products from Quebec and Canada, our team offers you a nutritious and delicious hot breakfast to start your day well.

We start each meal off with a fruit smoothie; the fruits change from day to day. Coffee, regular black tea and a selection of herbal teas are also served. We then alternate our breakfasts daily with a “sweet” day being followed by a “salty” day. Breakfast examples are:

  • Crepes with seasonal fruits
  • Eggs Benedict
  • French toast with maple cream sauce with apples and cranberries
  • Omelettes with Portabella mushrooms and Swiss cheese
  • Italian egg and cheese bake with strawberry salad
  • Waffles with fresh berry mix and whipped cream

We are capable of accommodating all dietary restrictions such as gluten, dairy and egg allergies as well as any vegetarian/vegan requests. Please advise us of any and all food allergies well in advance.

Our 6 Crepe Eating Record holder!