We are pleased to offer you massages in the comfort of the Crystal Inn in our very unique Stone Cave Massage Room.  Denise Guerra, our Massage Therapist Manager, manages our team of Registered Massage Therapists.  We offer Swedish Massages; either relaxation or therapeutic.

Receipts available upon request.

    Benefits of Swedish Massage:

  • Loosening tight muscles

  • Stretching connective tissues

  • Relieving cramps

  • Muscle spasms

  • Decreasing muscle fatigue

  • Improving range of motion

  • Increasing muscle strength

  • Sedating the nervous system

  • Stimulating blood circulation

  • Firming up muscle and skin tone

  • Improving lymphatic drainage of metabolic wastes

One Hour Massage: $75.00

90 Minute Massage: $125.00